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The Most Professional MBA Consultant


AKAD is committed to changing the standards and expectations in the admissions and career consulting industry by offering tailored and superior services.

Practical Business Experience

AKAD team are graduates from top schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, etc. In addition, we all have US corporate / family business experience. With this kind of knowledge, we’ll be your best coach.

Outstanding Achievement

AKAD dedicated ourselves to helping students realize their “American dream” – getting the elite education in the U.S. Only with this kind of focus can we be proudly described as “dream consultants”. More than 95% of M7 Taiwan successful applicants are AKAD’s students.

Essay Specialist

AKAD consultants are fluent in Chinese and English, with experience in Asia and America. With our understanding of both cultures, we can help you express yourself in the most convincing and insipiring way!


What we do make your dreams come true.

Comprehensive Consulting

AKAD provides three types of one on one packages. All three packages include the following services:

  • Assessment – The first step is to make sure you develop a plan for success, so that you can answer the vital questions about your career history, future goals and desire for an MBA.  We will work with you to target the schools that best fit your needs.
  • Resume review – We will transform your current resume to an MBA ready one, by providing strategic feedback and line by line edits.  This typically takes about two rounds of edits.
  • Brainstorming essay topics – We brainstorm with you on how to approach the essay topics for your first school so that you stay on message.  You will have a solid understanding of how to approach each essay question while conveying your overall admissions message.
  • Essay reviews – Once you have completed your first round of essay drafts, we will read your essays and provide extensive feedback on grammar and content to ensure that your responses are engaging and supportive of your positioning strategy.
  • Recommendation letter strategy and review – Recommendations are a vital portion of your file and must work in tandem with your essays and professional experience. In order to present a consistent message across your entire application, it is vital to pick the right recommenders.
  • Data Form review – Application forms are the place for applicants to include expanded employment listings, extracurricular activities, awards, honors, hobbies and much more.   We help to make sure the forms are consistent with the rest of the application.
  • Interview preparation for school – Many of the top MBA programs use the interview as a final step before making their decision on your candidacy. We will work with you to develop your interview skills and to ensure that you feel confident with your content and delivery.
  • Post acceptance – When you receive your admissions decisions, we advise you on choosing among schools.  We share tips on financing your degree and applying for scholarships. If you are waitlisted at a school, we help you with ways to improve your chances of getting accepted from the waitlist.

Interview Preparation

Interview Intensive Package is highly customized one on one course designed to help you master the MBA interviews.

Interview preparation is crucial to MBA application success. Many of our past students receive many interview invitations because they spend a lot of time preparing good essays. Unfortunately, some of them end up not getting acceptance from their dream school, because when it comes time to prepare for interview, they spend too little time, too late.

The Interview Intensive Package (IIP) is designed to help with this. It comprised of 7 mock interviews followed by feedback, in addition to the 2-4 mock interviews included in your package. Each of the 7 mock interviews has a focus, whether it be your tone, body language, storytelling, resume, why MBA, behavioral question, etc.


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Professional Team

AKAD is composed of a group of consultants who studied MBA in the United States. With years of experience guiding Taiwan students to apply for MBA, AKAD aims to help more seeing a brighter future!

Adam Cheng
Adam Cheng
Wharton MBA
AKAD Founder
Sabina Huang
Sabina Huang
Wharton MBA
AKAD Principal Consultant
Eric Lin
Wharton MBA
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen
Stanford GSB
AKAD Strategic Partner


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